Install HP Laser Jet 1020 Printer

Yesterday i was installing a printer on my system. I bought a new ‘HP LaserJet’ printer and was trying to install it on my REDHAT 6 machine. Though installing a printer on linux machine is not a big deal, but it makes you irritated when printer do not install and demands numerous packages to be installed. I took almost 2 hours to resolve this issue and finally installed it successfully.
Here i am gonna show you about how to install the printer on a Linux machine. Follow the below step by step instructions.

Note: These steps can be implimented with other printer too which uses ‘Zjstream’ protocal.

Step1. Install below mentioned packages:

root@server ~]# yum install gcc automake vim-enhanced groff -y

Step2. Download ‘foo2zjs‘ source code  and compile the code.

[root@Server ~]# wget

[root@server ~]# tar -xzvf foo2zjs.tar.gz

[root@server foo2zjs ~]# cd foo2zjs

[root@server foo2zjs ~]# make

Step3. Install the printer firmware.

Note: Firmware is a device which stores programs into the computer chips.

[root@server foo2zjs]# ./getweb 1018

Here above 1020 is the model number of your printer. You can replace this number with your printer model number.

Step4. Now install the drivers.

[root@server foo2zjs]# make install

Now install the ‘hotplug’ script, which will automatically pass the firmware to the printer while the system in switched on.

[root@server foo2zjs]# make install-hotplug

Now copy the ‘sihp1018.dl’ file from firmware directory in ‘/usr/share/foo2zjs’ to ‘/lib/firmware’ directory. This command will allow access to firmware directoy which is not accessible because of Linux Selinux policy.

[root@server foo2zjs]# cp /usr/share/foo2zjs/firmware/sihp1018.dl /lib/firmware/

Step5. Now open the following file and replace the ‘FWDIR’ path.

[root@server ~]# vim /etc/hotplug/usb/hplj1018


Thats it. We have configured the required changes. Now there is only thing  Now finally its time to configure Local Printer on our Linux system.


Step1. Attach the HP Laser Jet Printer with your Linux system and plugged it on.

Step2. Click on System –> Administration –> Printing. Fill the required info like:

Printer Name: Linux Online Solutions

Discription: My local printer server

Location: Chandigarh

Step3. Select the connection, relevant to your printer device.

Step4. Now choose the name of printer manufacturer.

Select Printer from Database: HP

Step5. Now choose the model number and driver for your printer from the list.

Model Number: Laserjet 1020

Driver: foomatic Hp Laserjet_1020-foo2zjs

Now finally apply the changes and here your task is done.


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