15 Tech Mahindra Interview Questions for Linux Administrator

Question1. How would you check line number 21 to 30 in a file with 100 lines with just one command ?

Question2. how to check last 2 lines of a file ?

Question3. How would you find .txt files in current directory, created/updated in last 30 minutes ?

Question4. What would be the syntax to run cron every 15 minutes ?

Question5. What is syntax to run cron at 10hour 14 minute on every sunday?

Question6. What are the different fields in cronjob stands for ?

Question7. How to check if last command ran successful

Question8. User vinod is running some process. How would you get that particular process running by vinod with just single command ?

Question9. Difference between public and private ip ?

Question10. How to check which user is currently logged on ?

Question11. Which command would get me 3rd column from a file ?

Question12. Which command would get me 3rd character from first line in file ?

Question14. What is /dev/null file ?

Question15. What is difference between standard input, standard output, and standard error ?

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