Antivirus for Linux – ClamAV

Antivirus for Linux - ClamAV

We all believe that Linux is the most secure OS among all other operating systems. Linux is untouched from any viruses because of its architecture. Most of the Viruses are created for Windows OS which is an easy target for any hacker. These viruses can not be executed on Linux platform as Linux OS doesn’t recognize windows executable files. On the other hand, if malware want to gain access of Linux system, it has to gain access of root account without of which malware can’t do anything.

From last decade Linux has gained popularity in OS world due to its open source nature. But with the popularity, Linux has started detecting viruses on its platform. I still think that Linux does not have such virus problem like windows but you can meet problems with rootkits and malware. If you are using samba or ftp  on your Linux servers and accessing these services from windows OS,there is a great chance that your website codes/files on Linux servers can be infected with virus or malware.

To be safe, we must configure antivirus program on our servers and keep scanning these codes/files to stop virus and malware from spreading all over the server. Now if you want to install antivirus on your system and you ask me which is the best Antivirus program, i would say ‘CLAMAV’. Though there are some other antiviruses also like AVG, Avast and BitDefender etc.. but after using all of these antiviruses i found Clamav the best due to its effectiveness, database updates and  easy use.
To do command line scanning:

To scan specific folder

[root@production ~]# clamscan -r <directory to scan> -i scanresult.log


To List only infected files

[root@production ~]# clamscan -ri <Directory to scan> -l scanresult.log


 To complete scan your Linux server

[root@production ~]# clamscan -ri /

If you wish to hear sound when any virus found, you will need to add –bell option with the above command.

To heal infected file from your computer

 [root@production ~]# clamscan -r -remove /


 To update ClamAV database

[root@production ~]# freshclam


To check the version of ClamAV use following Command:

[root@production ~]# clamdscan -V


To scan from GUI tool using ClamAV, you can install ‘ClamTk’ which is a GUI front-end for ClamAV using perl-Gtk2.

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