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What is Grub

Grub stands for Grand Unified Boot Loader, which is responsible to load the kernel into the memory and boot your Linux operating system. Grub can load other operating systems like window xp/2000/2003/2008, Mac OS, Free BSD,Net BSD as well. Grub is the replacement of older Linux bootloader ‘LILO’.

Linux Boot Process

Some curious folk asked me how Linux system boots, what is process behind it. I thought to share with all, so here I will tell you how Linux boot process works. We Linux users spend a lot of time on our computers,but we never think,how our Linux system boots? What is the process behind the […]

Introduction to OpenSSH

SSH stands for Secure Shell. It is a network protocol which is used to access a remote system. SSH offers utilities like scp & Slogin to remotely login & copy data on a remote system, which are a secure versions of rcp & rlogin. It is the only network service which is enabled by default. […]

Linux User & Group File Permissions

In Linux, every file and directory have some permission’s set by default. But now the very first thing comes in mind is that what is need of any file permission? When we work within files and directories,we do not want other users to do any changes in our files. If other users have the access […]