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Validate Website as Secure for Transactions with PCI DSS

PCI DSS is reference for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. As per Payment Card Industry Security Standard Council, this security standard was created for the organizations that holds cardholders information of Debit cards, Credit Cards, ATM, Prepaid and e-purse. PCI DSS was emerged to reduce credit card frauds by controlling cardholders data and information. […]

Antivirus for Linux - ClamAV

Antivirus for Linux – ClamAV

We all believe that Linux is the most secure OS among all other operating systems. Linux is untouched from any viruses because of its architecture. Most of the Viruses are created for Windows OS which is an easy target for any hacker. These viruses can not be executed on Linux platform as Linux OS doesn’t […]


Nagios – System & Network Monitoring Tool

In any IT company, a lot of web projects runs simultaneously on many servers which can create heavy load on servers. You can not afford your servers gets down or becomes unresponsive due to heavy load, so to avoid such kind of situation, it becomes very important to keep an eye on all servers.