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Nagios – System & Network Monitoring Tool

In any IT company, a lot of web projects runs simultaneously on many servers which can create heavy load on servers. You can not afford your servers gets down or becomes unresponsive due to heavy load, so to avoid such kind of situation, it becomes very important to keep an eye on all servers.

Install Mod Proxy Html Module in Apache

If you have configured Apache reverse proxy on your server, you will also need to install mod_proxy_html. ThisĀ  module rewrite the HTML links which insures that HTML links work for the users outside the proxy as well. It works same asĀ  Apache’s ProxyPassReverse directive does for HTTP headers, and is a necessary component of a […]


Multiple Mysql Version on Same Server

We are running a production server in US. This production server was running on RHEL4 with Mysql 4.1.22. Server was set up 8 years ago. The web projects we are having requires the Mysql version 5.1.65. So after performing R&D on my local test server, i finally configured 2nd Mysql version on that same server. […]


Multiple PHP Version on Same Server

Often i get the tasks which seems very easy in first sight but soon it becomes headache. Few days ago, one of a PHP team manager of my company posted a bug to me and mentioned that he is working on a new project which demands latest PHP version 5.4.7. But we were running PHP […]