Issue caused by FTP Kernel module

Some days ago, i was facing a very strange issue on my network. All employee works behind the Squid Proxy server. Some of them were complaining that they are unable to list the directory in FTP connection. This was very strange for me becuase they are able to connect with FTP server, but whenver they try to list the ftp directory content it gives timeout error. I thought may be this is something issue from the Ftp server, so i tried to connect to the FTP server from our other public ip’s and i was successful to connect and list the dir/files. It means something was wrong with my Proxy Server.

After searching and reading many articles on Internet, i found the solutions. The issue was with the ftp kernel module, which was not earlier enabled by default after installation of server. You just need to run the following comand on your Proxy servers shell:

modprobe ip_nat_ftp

Above command will enable kernel’s FTP module.

That’s it. Finally i diagnosed the issue and so you too.

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