Local Backup Script

Scenario: Create a Script to take backup of user Alex’s home directory to local systems /Backup directory.

echo "*** Backup Script ***"
echo "*** Script started at: $(date) on $(hostname)"

# Define variables
NOW=$(date +"%d-%m-%Y")

echo "*** Backing up Alex home directory to $BACKUP_dst/$NOW..."
/bin/cp -var $BACKUP_src $BACKUP_dst/$NOW

# Backup confirmation message ...
echo "*** Backup has been taken at $BACKUP_dst"

OpenSSL – Why & How to Use

OpenSSL SSL,the secure socket layer is used to encrypt data stream between the web server and client i.e browser. We all surf a lot of website in daily routine. You may have noticed that a large number of website’s have URL starting with something like ‘https://www.domain.com’ while others do not contain ‘HTTPS’ in their URL. HTTPS is a secure protocol which is used in e-commerce websites, online banking sites where credit card and bank transactions are performed and public chat domains etc. where security is the top most concern because everything which flow on HTTP protocol can’t be assumed secured communication,thus HTTPS protocol is used. HTTPS uses SSL to make the communication secure.
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Find – Awesome Linux Command

This post will show you how you can use find command to search for files in a directory hierarchy and combine with different commands and operators to change the permission for files and directories and remove them only, if required and to accomplish many other purposes.

To change permission of all files to 664

# find . -type f -exec chmod 664 {} \;

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Antivirus for Linux - ClamAV

Antivirus for Linux – ClamAV

We all believe that Linux is the most secure OS among all other operating systems. Linux is untouched from any viruses because of its architecture. Most of the Viruses are created for Windows OS which is an easy target for any hacker. These viruses can not be executed on Linux platform as Linux OS doesn’t recognize windows executable files. On the other hand, if malware want to gain access of Linux system, it has to gain access of root account without of which malware can’t do anything.

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