Multiple PHP Version on Same Server

Often i get the tasks which seems very easy in first sight but soon it becomes headache. Few days ago, one of a PHP team manager of my company posted a bug to me and mentioned that he is working on a new project which demands latest PHP version 5.4.7. But we were running PHP version 5.1.17, which was hosted on CentOS 5.5. They wanted me to update php version to the latest. But i decided to not to update the php version and install the latest php version separately on the same server, due to three reasons: Read more »

Apache Reverse Proxy

In my last article i told you about the Apache proxy server and its types. Now today i am going to show you how to configure reverse proxy on your Apache server. Now after reading the Apache proxy article, you already know what is Apache proxy and its type reverse proxy. So without wasting much time here i am going to present you the scenario and its solutions.
So lets start now.


IT Manger of your company has given you a task. Your company has their own commercial Website which includes Accessories, Cosmetic products, Food coupons, Gadgets, Foot wears, Entertainment and Adventure and many other items for sale. Now one of your company’s client wants to include one of your comany product page to their website. Read more »

Apache Proxy

As we all know, A Proxy server works as a gateway between you and Internet world. Proxy filters the content you are trying to see. When you are working behind a proxy server, content the you are trying to access is served through proxy. Proxy checks whether the content you are trying to get is approved or not, if your administrator has blocked something you will not be able to get that content. But this is just about an ordinary proxy server, which is most commonly implemented in an office environment. Read more »

Install HP Laser Jet 1020 Printer

Yesterday i was installing a printer on my system. I bought a new ‘HP LaserJet’ printer and was trying to install it on my REDHAT 6 machine. Though installing a printer on linux machine is not a big deal, but it makes you irritated when printer do not install and demands numerous packages to be installed. I took almost 2 hours to resolve this issue and finally installed it successfully. Read more »