MYSAR – Squid Proxy Monitoring Tool

Recently I joined a new company as a Senior Linux Administrator. The IT manager told me that the users of our company are violating the Internet access policy rules. To catch the users who are violating the rules, they had configured SARG which is reference for Squid Access Report Genarator. SARG is a good tool but not good enough. SARG can show you all the inforamation like, which user browsed which site, Cache used by the user, bandwidth etc….. But the thing which was lacking here was the exact time when the user accessed that particular website. And that is the only problem I found with SARG. Read more »


Install/Upgrade Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is an open source browser created by Mozilla. Mozilla is a non-profit organization whose motive is to promote free software’s and Firefox browser is the result. Firefox is available in almost 70 languages and is the default web browser in most of Linux operating system. If you want to install or upgrade your Firefox browser, follow the below mentioned steps. Read more »